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PET fibers

The fiber production line allows being produced solid and hollow fibers. The equipment we have now allows the production of the following types of fibers:

  •  Linear density - 3,4 Dtex, 4,4 Dtex, 6,7 Dtex, 8,8 Dtex ,13 Dtex and 17 Dtex
  •  Fiber length - 32mm, 38 mm, 64, mm, 76mm and 96mm
  •  Colors - white, brown, green, black


  • Automotive industry as soundproofing, internal decor of the car and the luggage compartment
  • Nonwoven, different types and weights of reinforcement the layers of soil, drainage of the roads and railway roads, landfills, residential and commercial buildings and more.
  • Textile industry for the production of lining, duvets and more.
  • Linear density - 6,7 Dtex, 10 and 17 Dtex Dtex
  • Fiber length - 32mm and 64 mm
  • Colors - white, brown, beige, green, blue


Filling for pillows, blankets, furniture, toys